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Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting - Dry Environment
  • 566 RxMat®
  • 555 MBOSS®
  • 532 Smooth Rubber-Bonded
  • 516 Smooth Vinyl-Bonded
  • 524 Diamond Vinyl-Bonded
  • 528 Diamond Vinyl-Bonded
  • 504 Vinyl Sponge
  • 500 Vinyl Sponge
  • 510 Vinyl Sponge
Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting - Wet Environment
Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting - Conductive
Runners - Dry/Moist Environment
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Did You Know?  
Workers are often required to stand for extended periods of time while performing their jobs. This is physically stressful to the body, causing general overall fatigue, lower back, leg and foot pain, resulting in more errors and work stoppage. Anti-fatigue mats have been found to reduce fatigue, ambient noise levels, breakage, and slips and falls while increasing overall efficiency.

Anti-fatigue mats at standing workstations and material handling areas must withstand short-term overload without damage, withstand rolling loads and not bottom out. Bonding rubber or vinyl to the top surface of a sponge changes the slip resistance, increases the durability while the sponge base provides worker comfort. Synthetic rubber has superior puncture, abrasion and chemical resistance than natural rubber. The higher the nitrile content the greater the oil- and grease-resistance.

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