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Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting - Dry Environment
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Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting - Conductive
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Manufacturing and office personnel can generate static charges of over 10,000 volts by simply walking, depending upon the floor covering and the relative humidity. This phenomenon can cause pain or injury to an individual and is detrimental to sensitive electronic equipment. It is also of serious concern to those working in environments containing flammables or volatile chemicals.

A conductive work surface is defined by most documents as a material that has a surface resistivity of less than 1x105 ohms/square. Conductive materials are the quickest to dissipate a charge and are usually used as floor mats or flooring products. Dissipative materials have a surface resisitivity of at least 1x105 but less than 1x1012 ohms/square. Dissipative materials are the preferred choice for bench top work surfaces.

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